Member Services Phone Number 888.301.1228

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Gold Coast Health Plan delivers health care services with a Member-first focus that reflects a commitment to our Members and our Providers. We understand the necessity of having a local presence in the cities we serve, and we are committed to establishing and strengthening relationships in those communities. Don't hesitate to call us at 888.301.1228 if you have any questions.

Member Services

Our Member-first focus means the Plan is all about you. See how the Member Services Department can help you and your family better understand your Medi-Cal benefit. More >


Find out more about our local network of Providers and how our Provider Relations Department makes it possible for them to better serve our Members. More >

Health Services

Health Services cares about the well-being of our Members. In this section you’ll find programs and resources that are geared to helping Members make healthy choices. 9197689902