It's about one month.

The linguist is fluent in several Chinese dialects.

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Nici does that sometimes.

Children know what happens between their parents.

I'm really tired; I think I'll go to bed.

We're not going to stop here.

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil.

She stands in great danger.

He was put to death finally.

My uncle lived abroad for many years.

Which fruit do you want?

John belongs to the swimming club.

It is still too early.


Where did you take my blanket?


Stephen was jailed on trumped-up charges.


You enjoyed yourself, didn't you?

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Do you have a snow shovel?

I sort of had a crush on her.

She got burned on her right hand.


Get Pedro to help you.

Virtue is a thing that may be taught.

I don't know where Jelske is.


Be careful with fire in the woods.

I heard a little girl crying.

The moon is in the heavens.

I don't think there's anything we can do.

I don't know where Joon put his umbrella.

Jamie was stupid enough to believe what Juliane told him.

Izumi was going to go hang gliding, but then he chickened out.

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He has a perfect swing.


Let's meet the day after tomorrow.

I met the girl in the park the other day, and I saw her again.

I own a restaurant on Park Street.


The tickets were sold out in a moment.


That's not a good reason.

I might ask them what happened.

This must have been some kind of Freudian slip.


If you teach me your language, I'll teach you mine.

A fire broke out nearby.

Hubert told me a very funny joke.


He resembles his grandfather.

From where?

Tran doesn't have much money.

The wall has ears.

We'll go with that for now.

She did nothing but cry all day.

I have what I need.


Everyone pointed at Hamilton.

I've given up my brother for dead.

Even though I already saw this movie, I decided to see it again.


Darin has his reasons for not doing that.


I want to go back to doing what I was doing before you interrupted me.

They herded the geese till evening and then went home.

Nobody's seen him in a month.

Yoshida, don't stress.

I have no more ideas.


Briggs is the most handsome man I've ever met.

Could you open this door for me?

I saw Shane play tennis.

I just realized Mick is older than Stanislaw.

A great student is what the teacher hopes to be.


The waitress brought me my coffee.

I thought you'd reach the same conclusion as I did.

This fluid can be substituted for glue.


Please help him!


It is our destiny.

They didn't listen.

There is a boy near the door.


I was kept waiting for an eternity.

What's your opinion about that?

Larry is engaged.


Spike and Magnus both trusted John.


I asked him to warm up some tea.

I really like hard-boiled eggs.

What percentage of marriages end in divorce?

How did Hunter accomplish that?

Some men treat women like property.

Finding Marie isn't going to be easy.

I'm sophisticated.

You accept Matthew's suggestions.

Robson's proposal is tantamount to defending terrorists because they have a cause.

What've you been doing all morning?

Japan and South Korea are neighbors.

Who else was staying there?

What a beautiful sweater!

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Stay in here, please.


Which is the hottest of all the seasons?

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There are tulips behind the steel building.

Was he quick with the sail?

I suppose you want to eat now.


I spilled wine on my favourite white shirt. The stain might go away if I wash it.

Herbert abandoned that idea.

The last agony was over.

I'm probably not as hungry as Ti is.

On my fourteenth birthday, I ate ice cream cake.

He does far better than you do at school.

In England the waiter asked us: how much beer would you like? A half pint, or a pint? Because we still didn't know how much that was, we asked him to show us the glasses.

Linda is fixing her hair.

He had scientific attainments, but he didn't even know it.

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I took his attendance for granted.

Greg is a visual thinker.

Curtis lost the bet.

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You look pretty good.

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So what do you want with me?

You're a tease.

Duane's eyes were red from crying.

I want to get better.

When are you coming home?

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It was warm, so I opened the window.

He is quite a nice fellow and liked by everyone.

He's going bald.


"Heart" and "choir" have the same pronunciation.

Nicolo's gamble paid off.

There is usually an organ in a church.

This garden is open to the public.

Get on the bus in turn.

This'll only take a minute.

He prefers poetry to fiction.


I don't want to see anything else.

He is sure of succeeding in his undertaking.

Everybody lies.


Go and clean up your face!

You underestimated Dwight.

The street was dark.

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My mother from Malaysia thinks that those three horses are so-so.

Everyone likes big pizzas.

The score is one all.

Joyce would never lie to me.

Harv said he should go.

Erik slid the window open.

I haven't shaved yet.


We like to talk.

Clouds blacken the sky (and everyone's mood).

They appointed her to do the task.

How serious I looked!

After death there is nothing.

He is eager to get on in the world.

Don't do anything crazy.

He said they wanted to fight until every black man was free.

It was necessary to set the fuse.

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Joubert didn't really like Po all that much.

The families of the factory workers need schools, hospitals, and stores, so more people come to live in the area to provide these services, and thus a city grows.

I have never been abroad.

I only came to say I'm sorry.

Jitendra said that he and Dorothy would probably be a little late.

Clare came up with a plan.

He changed the topic of conversation.

This can't be good.

I thought Charleen was a decent guy.


The decision rests with him.


The first centuries of superluminal space exploration proved that neighbouring space was mostly desert as other life discovered was in a primordial state.

Do you want to know why I quit?

I gave some water to the dogs.


This is fabulous.

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Be careful you don't break Ragnar's heart.


Jeff is the best tennis player I know.


Not long after I joined the queue, a man approached and asked if I wanted a taxi.