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Bakanoid Do

long time i'm not posting here..
i just want to know,about where you ussualy
buy get or something

2012-08-04 12:50:27

Which site do you use usually when you get anime/otaku information?(2)

Shingo Iwakiri

I want to know the most famous anime information site for each county!! Please tell me!

2012-06-06 09:21:19

How many otaku items do you have? And how much spend per month?(13)

(574) 313-2528
Shingo Iwakiri

Please tell me the number of otaku items for each kind.
And how much spend?


2012-05-07 04:34:42


South arabic
Shingo Iwakiri

In Japan, many people hide their Otakuness.

2012-04-26 09:47:05

(919) 801-2948

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Tam Ponce Pagtakhan

Mine is Kaida Yuki, Hirano Aya, and Minagawa Junko ^J^

2012-05-09 10:38:54


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Cheryl Soo Cheng Yee

I wan know your fav anime character,
my fav character is Sakura Kyouko from Madoka Magica

2012-04-26 12:40:27

(937) 232-7892

Markgim Mercado

For me is Aizen Sousuke, he just simply the chant "Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu" from his Zanpakuto. . .t

2012-05-10 08:36:46


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Patts Manalo

sana masagot ng maganda hehehe

2012-04-26 05:38:48