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Title : 6468663132
Content : Establishing an active and healthy lifestyle for teachers, students and their parents through the setting up of a physical fitness centre at the school. This centre not only facilitated the students’ understanding of the importance of physical fitness, it was also a crucial component in the latest Physical Education Curriculum in which effective and interactive teaching and learning methods were emphasized. The Centre was equipped with systematic digital physical fitness assessment facilities, making it an ideal place to serve as a resource centre in the district as well as assisting teachers to resolve any issues in the implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum.
Date : 13.10.2010
Grantee : Quality Education Fund
Product Code: RND0000007
Dissemination Activities
Title : 2194910072
Content : Two projects were conducted in this activity. The first project aimed at promoting health education to kindergarten students through helping them develop habits of regular exercise and healthy drinking and eating. Activities organized included parent-child fitness classes, an award scheme, a cooking competition and health talks on how to choose leisure activities and healthy food. The second project aimed at facilitating physical, emotional and social development of pre-school children. Lessons were designed to promote the imagination and of emotion expression of students.
Date : 04.12.2009
Dissemination Activities
Title : 5613025257
Content : To promote life education to S1 to S3 students, the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, has conducted a QEF project at leading the students to reflect the meaning of life so as to treasure their life through organising a series of activities including experimental learning and drama-in-education.
Date : 22.10.2014
Dissemination Activities
Title : 907-934-9330
Content : There were two projects for dissemination in this activity. The first project aimed at developing a set of integrated assessment tools to cater for the diverse developmental needs among pre-primary school pupils. The second project aimed at developing early assessment and identification tools as well as supporting programmes in order to cater for the diverse developmental needs of kindergarten children on areas such as speech, body co-ordination and concentration.
Date : 03.11.2010
Promotion of Products
Grantee : Quality Education Fund
Product Code: RND0000008
Grantee : Department of Special Education and Counselling, HKIEd
Product Code: QTN0000003
Grantee : Department of Applied Physics The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Project No. : 2014/0761
Grantee : Quality Education Fund
Product Code: QTN0000008
Recent Completed Project
Grantee : S. K. H. Holy Cross Primary School
Project No. : 2015/0206
Recent Completed Project
Title : 9184815898
Grantee : Sheng Kung Hui Kei Oi Primary School
Project No. : 2016/0247
Title : 318-243-2915
Content : To enhance students’ Chinese language proficiency, learning motivation and interests, the Five Districts Business Welfare Association Chow Chin Yau School has conducted a QEF project to help teachers to develop a set of school-based primary one to six Chinese Language teaching and learning materials.
Date : 20.11.2014

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