Antonella has a grown daughter.

The manual is in Spanish only.

This is much worse.

Whenever he goes out for a walk, he takes his dog with him.

I just wish I had my camera.

I know that boy who is running.


I know it was them.

If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I'd be rich.

I'm cooking now.

I am very sensitive to the cold.

Barrio sweated.

The plate slipped from her hand and crashed to the floor.

I'll find out what's going on.


We arrived two days ago.

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I hope that I can carry out my plan.

Srivatsan told me to be there by 2:30.

Malaria is a disease that mosquitoes carry.

His girlfriend is Romanian.

I'm not quite finished yet.

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They kidnapped me, drugged me, and then brainwashed me.


This book is mine, but the one on the table is yours.

He who hesitates has lost.

You can't leave us like this.


I'm going to visit him next week.

Jeannette could have paid for Thad's ticket if he'd known she didn't have enough money.

Moran doesn't make many mistakes.


I bought ingredients for curry on Sunday.

You can't just leave us here with no food and water.

I don't want to read anything.

I study about two hours every day.

Kiddo! Two medium-size drafts here.

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I think he could be the one who took the stolen money.

You must be sad as you have lost one of your friends.

Earle finished loading the truck.

Don't worry. She doesn't understand German.

You gave me back the paradise I thought I'd lost.

Elizabeth is quite helpless.

It won't amount to anything.

You licked his penis.

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

I hate them as much as you do.

Elliot refused to play poker with us.




Racism has its roots in the distrust and scorn for people who differ in their appearance and their culture.

I used to go fishing in my school days.

Russ isn't picky.


Old people walk slowly.

I wonder how I'll pay the rent this month.

I love all of my classes.

He could not get along with his neighbors.

You forgot your coat.

Charlie has always been a gentleman.

My body is old but my spirit is young.

I'll keep that book for myself.

Pratt has no desire to get John in trouble.

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I can't believe what just happened.

Nathan asked John what Masanao's last name was.

Look at this picture, please.

I've missed them.

The car is white.

Lonhyn called Lowell, but the line was busy.

Energy will go wherever we direct it.

We are all in agreement.

In most cases, car accidents result from lack of sleep.

This is the hotel where Hui usually stays.

Have you ever dug a hole as deep as this one?

With the colour key program system, all colours are divided into two palettes, the "cool palette" and the "warm palette".

I am a nobody.


I suggest you read what's written on that piece of paper I gave you.

That feast was one of the best I ever had.

Are you sure Linley was the one who did this?

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Something's wrong with the engine.

You have to change buses at the next stop.

I told her I was busy.

She is two years old, but she can already count to 100.

Your mother loves me.

I live in the Andromeda Galaxy.

She gained 3 and a half stones after she got married.

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Do you speak Talossan?

Po ran for mayor.

We're not going to let him die.

It took years for me to do this.

Knute doesn't see why Johnathan needs a new bicycle.


In our class there are 200 students.

The stained glass painted colorful pictures on the church floor.

Mayo is quite accident-prone and had his third accident in as many months just the other day.

As soon as he received his pay, he spent it.

He plays the role of Macbeth with great skill.

Brazil was discovered 515 years ago.

Hope, not fear, is the creative principle in human affairs.

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Louie may be right.

Are you lazy or just incompetent?

Parliament has been dissolved.

Let it go.

Kathy told Manavendra that he thought John was really stressed out.


If something happens, feel free to call me.

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Can we talk with Trey?


Just the thought of Spanish makes me feel less cold.


I don't want to cause you any problems.

I have to warn her.

Have you ever lived in a big city?

Be kind to all animals.

I will not let her escape this time.

His family adored him and in a sense he was spoiled by them.

My house is comprised of these four rooms.

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Where do you want it?

Juha is sure that he'll pass the exam.

Answer Shakil.

Whether I'm sleeping or awake, this subject is always in my mind.

Izzy shot Wendy three times.

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Rob is getting the boat ready.

Joseph is Lloyd's teacher.

It's a niche product.

Nobody likes being laughed at.

They worked like so many bees.


There are a lot of beach bums in Hawaii.

Kemal never even said goodbye to Bea.

True beauty comes from within.

Do you think that's the answer?

That's fair.


I can't play the electric guitar.


Smoking can cause breast cancer.

I defended the republic as a young man, I shall not desert it in my old age.

There is no relation between characters appearing, organisations and places to those that really exist.

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She is very much afraid of dogs.

That isn't what I meant.

He was a man of average height.

There were multiple disclaimers at the start of the video.

Elizabeth immediately began playing again.


I'm not engraving them.

Uri has been a good friend to me.

It was an amazing evening.

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Frictions between Japan and the U.S. are easing up for a change.


It's exactly what I thought.


Florence was for me a life buoy in the sea of life.

Dickens' thoughts come across along with the vivid depiction of old London.

They won't listen to you.

Today, I want to thank God for all that he does for me.

If something is wrong, tell me.

I think Bruno will probably be there tonight.

This time it's my turn to pay.

Nowadays mobile phones are very popular.

Duncan is afraid of Kate, isn't he?

Thank you again, Po.

I'm expected.

I must speak to Angus.

There is always something to translate in Tatoeba.

I don't know about the past, but now we have faxes and emails.

The teacher wrote his name on the blackboard.

Is that all you bought?

I read the entire works of Milton during my vacation.

We'll catch him.

The climate's very mild.

Now that's a problem.

I don't know why you don't like her.


The thieves ran away after it got dark.

Gilles can't believe Barry really believes that.

I am a girl.

I've tried calling him all day, but the line is busy.

Why are you afraid?

He turned his coat around.

Chill out, Liz.


That's the reason I don't like her.


Let him know where I am.

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A brawl broke out between Dan and a co-worker.