You can eat and drink as much as you want.

You trust me, right?

It isn't suitable for minors.

Let's try to be the first ones there.

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Samba is a Brazilian rhythm, isn't it?

I don't want Geoffrey's apology.

I'm fed up with this system.

I need to know how to do this.

I spent the weekend reading a long novel.

The cat was strutting around the yard, when it suddenly ran into the house.

I think that's too expensive.

She texted a friend.

Don't give him your number.


I like watching movies in French.

I am only a customer.

He is entitled to get the land; it was his father's.

I just want to humiliate her.

I thought Suu had a soccer game tonight.


I came to talk to him.

Cultures of the East and the West meet together in this country.

I don't know you very well.

The party's Tuesday.

Truth be told, this sentence uses the subjunctive mood.

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I didn't understand this joke.

Let's go back and get some more.

He added that he didn't believe it.

This is the result of serious and determined work.

There is less dishonour in my death than in life as you propose it to me.

He has come a long way.

That's where I met them.

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We'll meet him there.


Look at my eyes.

Do you have a cough?

The boy carved his name on the tree.

You have to go to school from Monday to Friday.

Is dry food good for cats?

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I shut the door quietly so as not to wake the baby.

Let's go to the waterpark.

Elephants have two ears.

I thought maybe you'd have an idea.

Why is history important?

Did Wilmer look OK?

I know you can't stop us.

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We'll work on that first.

I'm trying to find a green sweater in extra large.

Patricia put the calendar on the wall behind his desk.

The new manager never gave me a chance.

They told me to stay in the car.


For a start, I visited Jerusalem - a sacred place for three major religions.

Seth is a man of absolute sincerity.

He was a good friend.

She didn't resist for long.

You're a natural.

Naomi looked deep into Srikanth's eyes.

I have to speak with him.

Pope Francis will return to Rio in 2016.

I was thirteen when I wrote that.


It's a new take on an old game!

Marie sneezed.

Nothing grew there besides wild lavender.

The man decided to wait at the station until his wife came.

Sriram and Patty pretend to be married.

You did not need to come so early.

He schemed to evade tax.

It is not white hair that engenders wisdom.

That's the feeling I have.

It was so noisy there that I couldn't make myself heard.

Did you find anything interesting?

The automobile is a wonderful invention.

Having often seen him, I know him quite well.


The natural sciences are harder than the social sciences.

I don't understand why King did that.

Raif doesn't know why Miriamne doesn't want him at her party.

I strive to serve more to the satisfaction of my superior.

Amanda's fussy, isn't he?

I agree with what Meeks wrote.

She's writing a book.


Ronni is ready.

Nichael was wearing an old pair of shoes.

Don't forget to water the plants.

Bjorne had a tooth pulled out yesterday.

There is a rapid increase in world population.


I know exactly what you're doing.

That's very important to me.

There are a couple of small wobbles in the typhoon's track.

He introduced me to a pretty girl.

I want to learn Tigrinya.

I plan to spend all day with Naresh.

Actually, we waste water.

Isn't there anything you want to tell me?

Just as all kinds of communication methods are increasing, human relationships are becoming weak. A perfect case of mistaking means for ends.


Ian is extremely talkative.

That's clearly not a priority.

Here you can't open your mouth without being quoted at once.

Felix picked up some snow, made a snowball and threw it at Herbert.

The tourists visit the museum.


Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

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Part spread the big map on the table.

Everything I've told you may not be true.

An old woman is crossing the street.

Unfortunately, it's true.

Let's let him do it.


You'd better eat everything that's on your plate.

We can't find anything wrong with your car.

We're going out for lunch. Why don't you come along?

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Pawn pawned by pawn.

I just had a snack at the bar.

I lifted one up.

I stayed home to rest.

We'd better go help Marion.

Nothing's happened yet.

Herb tied his shoes.


I'm expecting a visitor, so I can't go out now.

From the very first time I saw her, I knew she was different.

Shoes are stiff when they are new.


x does not belong to the set B because it belongs to the set A.


They wouldn't refund my ticket.

Something's definitely wrong with Vijay.

Ask her to wait till I come.

Dan took a picture of a warthog.

They marched quickly toward the capital.

Dan asked Linda to kiss him.

Please help them.

I would like a little wine.

I'll do my best not to cause any trouble.

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I can't believe I said that.


No one seems to know her.


If you wish, you may pick them up, or we would be glad to send them back to you.

Whoever reads that is silly.

It is magnificent indeed.

The sea has risen, the sea of peoples.

You can't change her.


Hartmann is staring at something.

Please hold on a moment.

I was trying to protect them.

The tide has turned.

Nothing has been decided yet.

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There we are!


They can't possibly work. They are all fake.

Walk as fast as possible.

This is a good exercise to help you lose weight.

When I lived in the countryside, I could see millions of stars at night but I had no one with whom to share their splendor.

You didn't tell me Wayne had a sense of humor.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Don't slobber over my face! A-ha-ha-ha. Stop it!

Would you like to go on a trip with me?

Please give me a painkiller.

This book sees the protagonist conquer insurmountable odds and save the day.

Srivatsan will bring help.

She'll be back.

Hector seems harmless.

Some people like baseball, others like soccer.

Are you going to rat me out?

I promised to go over to Brooke's twice a day to water his starts while he was away.

Please tell us where there is a spice shop.


Looking at your Facebook friends' photos is a waste of time.

She has a cute giggle.

He was a good friend.

The Netherlands is called "Nederland" in Dutch.

You have a very nice room.


I do hope you will come and visit us soon.


Who are you guys?

Do you use a sponge when you take a bath?

Of course it's a joke!

He is especially frightened of dogs.

What should we focus on?

How much was the additional charge?

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

Are you planning to talk to Noam?

Julian has a tendency to complain a lot.