Stephanie seems busy.

Doyle massaged my temples with his fingers.

You are responsible.

I am looking at that.

Planning the wedding before proposing is putting the cart before the horse.

I think you used too much salt.

You're not telling me something.


His finances have changed for the better.

Just leave it on my desk.

What did you do with the Native Americans?


Why did you pick me?

Mr Tanaka is not at his desk right now.

This is a really cushy job. Mostly I just sit around drinking tea.


Tell Son that I'm fine.

Late in March 1841, his cold turned into pneumonia.

I've got something for you.


You spelled the word correctly.

I couldn't help Anne do that.

I'll come by subway.


There is just time enough for us to have a quick one.

I myself was a missionary in Africa.

I'm afraid it's not that simple.


Have they escaped?


She begged for something to drink.

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I do business on the internet.

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I'll tell him you're ready.

You don't need to do that right away.

I think I've hurt Shai's feelings.

The storm is coming our way.

Think for yourself.


He cheated his clients out of a lot of money.


Did you just meet him?

Molly's home and office were searched by the police.

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

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Tell me where you've been.


Forgive me for asking this.

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I've let him down.

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I don't think that'll work.

Here's to your health!

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city.

Everyone says that he is the very image of his father.

I'll buy what I need tomorrow.

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I'll start.

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My mother is in the hospital now.

Let's get the others.

He kept his promise and helped his brothers.

I can't see what you mean.

It's too late to back out now.

You need to learn to mind your own business.

I'm having trouble with my roommate. He eats all my food.

X marks the spot.

I hope she's well again.


Laurie went to her favourite restaurant to eat.


Thuan and I went to the same high school.


May I call later?

She's teaching us French.

We women want you men to know that we don't agree with you.

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Her feeling for him was reciprocated.

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They didn't find me.

I hope Evan doesn't change his mind.

She glimpsed him running through the crowd.

Rajiv is in control.

I meant to look it up.

Some are wise and some are otherwise.

There's no point in dwelling on details.


They're going to have a party next week.


Talking of music, what kind of music do you like?


He's well dressed.

But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan.

She has given birth to five children.

There will be no big typhoon for the moment.

I hear that you kissed my girlfriend.

Leila will pay for everything.

I've misjudged Rees.


Would you mind not smoking?

My son does not like fried egg.

There's nothing worse than loneliness.

I will be in London by this time tomorrow.

Tendons and ligaments are more fragile than you might think.

He is content with the simple life.

A machine had to be installed in the factory.

Penny dropped the ball.

The drying rack is always in the way.

That was a pretty stupid thing to say.

I'd better clean up now.


I was applauding.


Someone tried to poison our dog's food.


The fog has lifted.

She got good marks in English.

Jimmy was good at playing chess.


Jennifer is lying about more than that.

It needs new batteries.

I wonder if Sonja really meant what he said.

Kurt is an assistant manager at the company where Harv works.

That guy's rolling in dough.

I didn't know where to start.

Lorenzo stood motionless, listening carefully.

Is Betsy in surgery?

Leif asked Mott how to get to her house.

I guess the answer is yes.

He is fine and gentle.

He decided to give the money to the first stranger who came along.

We were terrified.

There was green slime oozing out of the pipe.

This book will be of great use to you.


He was frightened at the sight.

Isn't that against the law?

They stayed at home because it was very cold.


Kanthan finds it much easier to speak English than French.

Stevan has met Leslie many times.

I informed him of the result.

Do you have any ideas?

I am studying hard so that I can pass the exam.

Has Karl been informed of this?

Someone cleaned my room while I was gone.

Autumnal Equinox Day falls on Friday this year.

I had drinks with Seenu last night.


Watch your step. The floor is slippery.


Little does he realize how important this meeting is.

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She's got a point.

Tolerant managed to save us.

Which people of this group are important?


She excels them all at swimming.


Clark is going to college in Boston.

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Mwa never thought that Pamela would commit suicide.

You could've been one of us.

Sehyo was suddenly very tired.

Naoto and I plan to have three children.

My brain is full.

Hartmann is on the job.

Dwight and Edmund have a daughter.

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I spoke to him in English, but I couldn't make myself understood.

A democrat is a free citizen who yields to the will of the majority.

You do like us, don't you?

The dog sleeps.

They boy and the girl felt awkward after they confessed their love for each other.

Knut thought it was rude to talk to Damone the way John did.

It is doubtful whether she will come to see me.


Cut a square in halves.

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At the foot of the hill is a beautiful lake.

Do they like oranges?

Isn't the answer easy?

I'm not going to tell you because you tell Amigo everything.

I just want to see my daughter.

I'm not a mountaineer, and I don't aspire to be one, but it's so cool to stand on a summit and see the world around me from places one can only get to on foot, with a lot of huffing and puffing and sweat along the way.

Thieves broke into the palace and stole the princess's diamonds.

I benefited much from my association with him.

Today it's the world day against homophobia.

How soon does the concert begin?

Water is a fluid.

He drove his car to Yokohama.

I am watching a movie right now.

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I don't know where you come from.

Your answer is wrong.

Statesmen should take public opinion into account.


Sumo is the traditional sport of Japan.