This is an area that gets little or no attention, so we're going to try and bring some attention to it.

I thought you were broke.

She always looked happy, but in fact she'd never once had anything to be happy about.


Generally speaking, Raul is right.

Sheila needs to get some rest.

Maybe that could be arranged.

Never tell a lie again.

We can work outdoors only as long as it's light.

What do you think she's dreaming about?

He muttered something under his breath.

We are all suspicious about him.

Ann doesn't have a sister.


He already knows that.


I got something for her.

Possibly you share some blame for this problem.

I really wasn't expecting that from you.

Sedat thinks that Doyle won't say yes.

My name is Mohamed.

As a child, I liked catching fireflies and putting them inside a jar.

Even Daryl couldn't blame Casey for everything.


Tell me why you weren't here yesterday.

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She tore the letter up after reading it.


I love to travel.


Let's go get a beer.

Tell me who you thought I was.

You need to get some exercise, too.

Joubert tells me that I don't have permission to do that.

Women are cleverer than men.

I came across some old family photos when I was cleaning out the closet.

We're still involved.


Chris glanced out the window.

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Don't hurry.

I'm glad we came here.

Karen realized he was trapped.


I did this myself.


What were the contents of the letter?

I do not think that she is at home.

He never speaks English without making a few mistakes.

I want to know what you see right now.

He and I are teachers.


Through trial and error, he found the right answer by chance.

That'll really make me sick.

I'd love to get something to eat with Michiel.

The issue split the party.

Not knowing what to see, I asked him for advice.

June got down from the scaffold.

Mum often says that time is money.

We have to figure out what our options are.

Matthew said I could stay.

I will stop Jwahar.

Marco must've taken the wrong bus.

We offer everyone the opportunity to toil in the mines.

I'm going to fly to the moon.

Who are we competing against?

I'm just pulling your leg.

Marcia hadn't expected Archie to come so early in the morning.

Let me relieve you of that heavy parcel.


I'm just getting back to basics.


Let's keep it civil.


All equipment must be sanitized.

One day, Kay and Gerda sat looking at a book full of pictures of animals and birds.

Are you still not understanding what we're saying, 'sir'? =P


He is humble about his opinion.

The school rules require students to wear school uniforms.

List promised not to tell Mario.

I'll buy a calendar.

They seem to be in love with each other.


You should take Sam and go very far away to restart your life.

It started to snow.

Michel will find another job.


What's the fuck ? It's precisely what the fuck is !


Dan wants to see the manager right now.


Andries never considered that.

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His bravery is above all praise.


Boys are more likely than girls to arrive late for school.

Alcohol damages the liver.

Rik is really excited.

Roberta and Francois have been married three years.

I choose you!

I left the firm, because I wanted to be on my own.

I'll be with Teruyuki all next week in Boston.

I have no idea where he went.

The dog was out of breath.

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You know I have no choice, don't you?

Paul wrote to Page this week.

She is senior to me by six years.

Does he like his new job?

From the inside, the Earth is very hot.

You're absolutely perfect, in every way.

I was told that you witnessed the murder.

Kazuhiro swept every room in the house.

I considered it a life or death matter.

We did not see any children at all.

Every sane man is accountable to his conscience for his behavior.


Is it dangerous?

This river flows quickly.

Blair's wedding ring was swept down the drain while she was washing her hands.

This game is spectacular!

They had a lot of kids.

I am wasting my time.

The interview panel advised Juergen that they would let him know whether he got the job or not.

Drop the gun!

Werner asked Jun to find out how to apply for a visa.


He gets on my nerves.


You should tell Milner you're not feeling well.

This is a good hiding place.

Let's give it all we've got.

It's a private matter.

Heinrich answered all the questions that Nathan asked him.

I'm out of gas.

Fred likes reading magazines.

Do you still suffer from headaches?

Joseph and Mac got everything they needed.


The alterglobalists denounce growing inequalities.

I can't tell Kathy I spoke to Revised.

I spent the weekend reading a long novel.


I want to become a musician.


Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

I'm busy.

Nowadays, we often use the term "senior citizen" to refer to old people.


Joon discovered a flaw in the ship's design.

Please carry your dishes to the kitchen.

The circus amazed and delighted the children.

I was no match for Leads.

That information is classified.


They are as poor as can be.

When will you leave for Tokyo?

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

I'm going now.

Mayuko cried aloud.

As a young man, he did not know that he was to become famous later on.

Will it be a difficult exam?

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus area.

She wrote in ink.

Hsuan is tipsy.


I looked about for the mailbox.

His face is known to many people.

He exaggerated his experience.


This is from him.

Even if it's just for a short while fighting alongside us is all I could ask for.

I am in no position to do anything about it.

The strange feeling came back.

Let him not doubt my words. They're true.

Do you know the reason why two-thirds of the students did not attend the student meeting?

Michiel phoned me yesterday from Boston.

An American spoke to me at the station.

I like red wine better than white.

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Turn that up.

I didn't like her at all.

I'm staying over at my friend's place.

I can't help feeling that Belinda hasn't told me the whole truth.

Just ask Omar about it.

Ring the bell when you want me.

You must take into account the fact that he is too young.


My mother worries about everything.

I've thought of it a lot.

Did they say anything about Bernard?

Are you kidding?

Cordova is a city in southern Spain.

You wouldn't really do that, would you?

Wine is poetry put into a bottle.


We pay you well.