I had things to take care of.

He was laughed at by everybody.

He bought her flowers.

Your way of thinking is quite distinct from mine.


I gave up.

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Old people aren't always wiser than young people.

Just be very careful.

Please write down what I'm about to say.

I'm sure, in the distant future, you won't be able to forgive yourself.

She decided to go abroad.

Windows is the most used operating system in the world.

How's your daughter?


I occasionally worry myself to death about worthless nonsense.

It should have been done before now. The problem seems to get bigger every day.

Ram is smart, isn't he?

She broke the world record.

She's alive!

Every river has a source.

I thought you didn't want to go.

He played the part of Hamlet.

The road was muddy and slippery.

Sunil ate a piece of toast and drank a cup of coffee.

It takes many years of training to become an astronaut.

You acted after your nature. Think of all the trouble you would give him.

I was on the road.

Jayant and Julius were close friends.

It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

I talked her into marrying him.

We can try that.

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I think he is right.


If I were to go abroad, I would go to France.

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There's only one place Lar could've gone.

Do you want some tapioca pudding?

You can't just leave me here.

Niall definitely had something on his mind.

I'll meet with them tonight.


What do we owe you?


How much chance is there that that would happen?

He put his arm around me.

Would you do me the honor of accompanying me tonight?

That was brilliant.

He laid aside a few dollars each week.

We can't see the view because of these trees.

I buy a tape.

Jamie wrote something in Ji's notebook while he was away from his desk.

Her oldest daughter got married.

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Please just get out of the way.

He was sitting on a bench.

After the earthquake, people stared into the deep hole in the ground in surprise.

We are confident of victory.

I pay Nanda well.

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody .

I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy.


She aimed at the target.

The method Doyle suggested might've been better.

How long will it take to get there?

The flight was cancelled because of the thick fog.

All old people need someone to talk to.

Guillermo wants to be a famous baseball player.

We'll manage this.


As you have insulted him, he is cross with you.

Ima doesn't know whether to accept or to refuse Annard's offer.

I'm trapped in here.

Have you decided what you'll do?

Each man's pay was in proportion to his work.

I've lost interest in golf.

Stephe used to work for a big firm in Boston.


We have to set up the Republic of common sense.

What the heck is the point of eyebrows anyway?

Okay, I'm coming!

Birds have sharp eyes.

There is not enough bread for so much chorizo.

I'm glad to help.

Were you at home all morning?


Tommy did what Corey asked him to do.


I'll see you in the new year.

She has never danced with him.

Ami says he saw everything.

They missed a good chance.

If only I were rich, I would buy a villa on the seashore.


I think I should've bought more food.

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Kemal has a chemistry degree.


Do you want to talk about what just happened?

It almost made me cry.

Knudsen tries to eat a balanced diet.


Brett goes to work by motorcycle.

These glasses are beautiful.

There's no wind here.


Something's wrong, isn't it?


Margie picked an apple from the tree.

Hume's mother is Lakota and her father is a Mongol.

You're safe now.

One must go home.

The old cottage has a certain charm about it.

If I had wings to fly, I would have gone to save her.

The first time, I spoke pretty much no Chinese at all, and didn't understand China's conventions and customs.


Who is that girl waving to you?

The temperature now is minus ten degrees.

Do you actually live here?

Valentin likes taking walks with Markus.

I've been hired to take care of the problem.


Rudy stopped reading his book and looked up at Doug.

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I hate you so much.


The festival was a great success.


Roberta admitted that he had killed Anatoly.


You are my prisoner.

We've got to do this right away.

Can I borrow it?

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TEPCO is unable to stop the flow of dirty water contaminated with highly radioactive material.

Don't put the kibosh on me.

When do I get to talk to him?

I didn't say I persuaded them.

We're quite confident.

What's this all about, Per?

She will go abroad in six months.

Leave her.

He opposed the plan to the last.

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I don't consider my myopia as an impediment.


I don't know exactly at what time she's coming.

Let Isabelle know where I am.

You might get hurt.


I couldn't wait to get started.


I love comedies.

We have no choice but to do so.

I'm probably not what people expect.


The cowboys rode into an unknown town.


Where do you think we should eat?

Erick and I discussed our plans for the future.

Do you like oysters?

Let's just get out of Bud's way.

She is looking for her missing wallet.

The man was booked on suspicion of murder,

Don't lose your temper no matter what he says.

Excessive indulgence spoiled the child.

I told Eduardo it was a bad idea.

I prefer staying home to going fishing.

My grandfather is living on a pension.

Are you saying that you killed Ruth?

There's no beer sold here.

The mechanic assembled the engine.

This was a hasty translation.

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He came up with me.

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You can keep the change.

I need to stop thinking about Gretchen.

I am not frightened of anything.

The facts need to be known, not distorted.

If you will need anything.

Ken isn't brave enough to try again.

This is my table.

Did you just meet them?

We haven't made a sale yet.


They made for the seashore.

I forgot who I was talking to.

That ATM at the supermarket, does it work?

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I want to apologize for what I did.

Being awake is the opposite of being asleep.

Did you say you had a cat?

That could be significant.

Tovah didn't want to play poker.

Alain isn't very charismatic.

She made sure nobody could see her.


That is a dog.