Are you going to give this to them?

Paola is a two-pot screamer and it's embarrassing going to the pub with him.

You don't want to do that.

I've made some mistakes that I should've been able to avoid.

I have a lot of faith in Spyros.

I set out early so as to catch the first train.

Lois knows Ernst better than anyone.

Will you call me a taxi, please?

The first item on Shai's list of things to take with him on his trip is his mobile phone recharger.

The number of students who were late for school was much smaller than I had expected.

Japanese tourists can be found everywhere.

We have enough time to eat.

Can you please help me?

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Merril is about to go.


I cannot but believe her.

Nice talking with you.

I'm having a hard time writing.

We'll be working on that this week.

I'm going to find and burn your fucking children!

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The Dutch were just not in control any more.


In summer and early autumn typhoons can strike the city. In recent years they haven't caused much damage.

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Are you kids hungry?

Your resume is very impressive.

Lucifer spilled the milk.


He never spoke of the softer passions, save with a gibe and a sneer.

We're reliable.

We all wished for peace.

I'm meeting Vaughn next Monday.

Isn't Shinji a pain? He is, isn't he?

Ramadoss dreamed about Noemi.

Well do I remember the man's name.

Can I have your full name?

Who did you kill?

Do I have permission?

I regret that I did that.

Girls like cats more.

Jinny is in the prime of his life.

Do you have a pen or a pencil?

Plastic couldn't hear it, but Jennie could.

The bartender handed Starbuck his drink.

The worm turns.

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You're way better looking than I am.

Corey had the gall to ignore my advice.

I have nothing else to add to that.

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His plan has both virtues and liabilities.

Marilyn didn't even love Bob.

I'm losing.

I am incomplete.

I cannot read this magazine. It's for women.

I never listen to David anyway.

You're the only person I know here in Boston.


She lives alone in this room.

Vernon was kind enough to help me.

Don't try to hide it.


They heard with their natural ears but we hear, if we have an ear to hear what the Spirit says to the churches.


That could be wrong.

Sea turtles have a long lifespan.

Sjouke has a good head on his shoulders.


How'd you do it?


I'll bring you up to date with hometown news.


That's unfair competition.

This is not ours.

Swamy's hands are tied behind his back.


It helps.

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It's just a toy.


You can make a cake with flour, milk and an egg.

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All the kids I grew up with could swim before they started going to school.

Which room do you live in?

A pentagon is a shape with five sides.

I suggested that she go alone.

Americans descend from immigrants, and they are very patriotic.


I felt my heart pound after running a little.


That's something different.


It's a pity that he can't marry her.

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I want a golden cross.

We need a bit more time to prepare.

You have the power of choice in your affairs.

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I'm twenty-five.


Do they get paid?

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Lock this door behind me.

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I'm going to look for Dimetry now.

George was at the club yesterday.

Darren walked into the courthouse.

We didn't come here for them.

Focus on your mission!

Ramadoss was extremely annoyed.

I think you two know each other.

It is hard to wake up without a strong cup of coffee.

I told you I wanted to buy it.


I should have married your brother.

I'm defenseless.

Her hat matches with her shoes.

Learn to enjoy reading.

Benzene molecules are hexagonal in shape.

I tried to find her.

What can I do to help you?

Rafik showed interest in the plan.

This is the first time I've ever washed my car.


Pasta is Fernando's province.

I never dance sober.

Rich thought Louise was lying about where she'd been.

I've learned to live with the pain in my back.

With the exception of Terrance, everyone attended.

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I'll dance with Willie.


Renu is an expert in this field.

You as well, child.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.

My younger sister is famous.

I'm inclined to agree with them.

Nils just turned thirty years old.

I've done stupid things.

Many of you must be feeling a bit tired right now.

They are planning to connect the cities with a railroad.


Charlene couldn't be bribed.

Would you like to try?

It's a good thing you have your umbrella with you.

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In the evening the idle man begins to be busy.

It's for sale.

Tuan felt responsible.

He doesn't exist.

The road is uphill all the way.


I'm a good Christian.

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You work for me.

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Jin became a typist.

Did you forget to feed the dog?

Take any train on track 5.

She does like you.

Have faith in God.


There are times that we have to leave a job even in the middle of a recession.

My grandmother passed away.

I have nothing to do with the accident, and I know nothing.

Angus isn't worried about Leora.

Be sure to get a receipt when you deliver the package.


We've been here for three years.

With this as background I turn now to an account of the present state of evolutionary biology.

John got suddenly ill, but in the case of Bill, he simply forgot about the meeting.

I will see him after I get back.

Piete was severely injured.

She quickly devised a plan to skip school and go to the party.

We couldn't go out because of the storm.

We should have taken the schedule into consideration.

They sued the government for damages.

I'm going to turn on the heater because it's very cold.

Are you going to get in trouble because of me?


I'm knackered.


Air is a physical substance which has weight.


I don't have a sister.

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Wes looked at the clock on the wall.

Is it really so terrible?

We didn't want to hurt you.

I am occupied with my own affairs.

A tiger is a very ferocious kind of animal.

Israel should be wiped off the map.

I, for one, don't like pictures like this.


I won't see her anymore.

Extracts from the sample we took earlier have revealed a great marvel.

Stop pretending you don't know the answer.