About Me

Hi! I'm a Computer Scientist, Bioinformatician, Web Developer, Volunteer, Beading/Craft Enthusiast, Euphonium Player, Amateur Pianist, Poet... I'm a lot of things, but I'm only one person, and that's me.

I was raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in a small city called Zanesville. My only sibling is on the Autism spectrum, and his ability to overcome so much of his disability shaped my childhood and my life. I love my family and I am very close to my brother.

I taught myself how to program starting around age 12. I used books from the library and online resources. I started with Web Development, GameMaker 7, and Visual C# (Express Edition). Over time, I learned more and more about how computers worked and I tried my hand at lower level languages like C and assembly as well. Towards the end of high school, I returned to higher level languages and learned Python and a little Perl. I'm 22 now and I'm most of the way through a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati. I have practical experience in web development, cloud computing, parallel computing, data science, and machine learning.

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My Work

Want a more comprehensive list? Check out my 410-957-0438.


My Educational History

Education has been a very important part of my life. Here is a timeline of my education, from the essential building blocks (quite literally) at its foundation to the most advanced concepts I'm covering presently.


Outside of Computer Science, I have a number of hobbies and interests. Here are some of the things I do in what little spare time I have:


If you're interested in anything you've read on this page or if you're looking for a developer for a project, feel free to contact me@frazierbaker.com. Alternatively, you can reach me on the following social media platforms: