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Organ Donation Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain

Organ Tree is the next generation type of healthcare program. With Blockchain technology at its core, our platform is a legal framework that aims to streamline networking between organ donors and medical entities. The end goal of the project is to solve a global crisis, which mainly concerns the lack of communication between people willing to donate organs and recipients struggling to stay alive with standard healthcare methods.

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Why participate in the Organ Tree ICO?

To be able to go beyond borders with our vision, we’re launching the Organ Tree ICO. By developing a transparent, immutable database, our mission is to build a platform that will act as a “meeting point” designed to provide authorised, vetted medical institutions with the chance to search the globe confidentially, and find a match to their patients who are the most in need of an organ transplant.

Access to a global network of donors, recipients, medical institutions & life insurance companies


Fast, seamless transactions via the smart contract system of the Ethereum Network

100% secure

Reliable & transparent

Smart Contract
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The Organ Tree Product

Currently under development, the Organ Tree Product will be made of a Blockchain-based platform and an DApp built on the Ethereum Network. We will leverage decentralisation to allow safe, fully-anonymous and efficient communication between global medical entities and potential donors. To access Organ Tree, authorised medical personnel will have to sign up to gain access real-time organ waiting lists and find potential organ matches between donors and patients. All transactions made on the Organ Tree platform will be tokenized in OGT tokens.

Technology Outline
A quick guide of the registration process on the Organ Tree platform


Borderless integration for organizations such as medical institutions and insurance companies involved in the organ procurement market. As opposed to centralized systems, Organ Tree operates on an international level, allowing worldwide organizations to access viable organs that are needed in their own region/country.


Upon successful registration, potential donors will have to provide their location, blood type, and additional personal information related to their medical history. Following the demise of the donor, the appointed next of kin will receive an agreed amount to help cover funeral costs.


Upon successful registration, recipients eligible for a transplant from a matching donor will be able to accept the offer and live the gift of life once again . The only commitment sought is that the recipient must reimburse funeral costs to the donor’s family.

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Use Of Proceeds

30% Branding and Marketing 20% Organtree Foundation 20% Legal & Finance 20% IT Infastructure 5% Bounty 5% Management


  • 2018 Q2

    - Release of the OGT utility token via smart contract system of Ethereum

    2018 Q3

    - Increase visibility of Organ Tree globally by contacting leading industry specialists in the medical field

    2018 Q4

    - Release of the Organ Tree Blockchain app, and preparations to list the OGT token on major exchanges

    2019 Q1

    - Further establish loyalty and partnerships with medical facilities to educate and promote Organ Tree

    2019 Q2

    - 2000 patients can start receiving organ transplants from donors via the Organ Tree platform

    2019 Q4

    - 6000 patients become transplant recipients through the Organ Tree network

    2020 Q1

    - Organ Tree has successfully established itself as the world's leading blockchain-based organ donation facilitator. The project has 500,000 subscribers and works with over 2000 medical facilities worldwide.


The Organ Tree Foundation is a non-profit health organization made of health professionals and medical practitioners with vast experience and an established reputation in the healthcare industry. The goal of the foundation is to develop a humanitarian ecosystem where people in need of an organ transplant don’t have to be listed on a waiting list.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Organ Tree?

Organ Tree is an online platform that enables medical professionals to search globally for available organs that match their patients’ requirements , thereby increasing the opportunities for successful transplant surgeries and saving lives, whilst ensuring to provide for the much needed compensation for the loved ones of the deceased.

How can I participate in the ICO?

Further details will be provided on the official launch of the Organ Tree ICO. In the meantime, you can sign up to get whitelisted for the project, or download the whitepaper to know more about the project’s mission and vision.

How does Organ tree work?

At the core of our Blockchain-based project lies the Organ Tree Foundation which is a non-profit health organization made of health professionals and medical practitioners with vast experience and an established reputation in the healthcare industry. The aim is to connect medical institutions with donors and recipients as well. By purchasing OGT tokens, they can access the Organ Tree platform and directly contact organ donors and other facilities willing to exchange information regarding their available organ supply.

What is the purpose of the OGT utility token?

As a Blockchain-based project, the Organ Tree utility token (OGT token) will be issued via the smart contract system of the Ethereum network. By making our own token, we facilitate the exchange of rewards/benefits between active members of Organ Tree.

The main purpose of OGT is to ensure that all transactions performed on the platform are secure, transparent, and fast. Our goal is to streamline payments between a donor’s next of kin and a recipient willing to pay for the funeral costs in exchange for a fair chance of receiving a transplant.

Why Blockchain?

Organ Tree is a Blockchain-based platform that targets life insurance companies with paying customers waiting on an organ transplant for years. On our platform, they’ll find viable organs made available by the Organ Tree Network in collaboration with worldwide organ transplant institutions. Organ Tree will become a “meeting point” between donors, patients, life insurance companies, hospitals, and healthcare facilities, bridging the gap between supply and demand in the organ transplant industry.

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