UPDATE: Submission deadline is extended to March 13 Introduction: The fourth international workshop on Agile Development of Safety-Critical Software (ASCS) will be organized in conjunction with the XP 2018 conference, on May 21 in Porto. […]


Geir K. Hanssen (SINTEF), in collaboration with Gosse Wedzinga and Martijn Stuip from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) will present recent work at the XP 2017 conference in Cologne on May 24th. The presentation will provide insights […]

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At ASSURE/SafeComp on Tuesday 20th of September Thor Myklebust will present: The Agile Safety Case! /www.ntnu.edu/web/safecomp2016/assure-2016   On Wednesday 21st of September at the Fast Abstract session we will present: Safety Stories – A New Concept in […]


Thor Myklebust presented a new paper at the 2016 ISSC Conference: Myklebust, T., StÃ¥lhane, T., Hanssen, G.K., Use of Agile Practices when developing Safety-Critical Software, ISSC 2016 During the last 10 years there has been an increasing […]