We'll watch him.

I've been around.

I won't confirm it.

Duane is going to be really tired when he gets home, isn't he?

We do not live in Boston.

Can I trust them?

Shall I ask Peter for help?

He always left the problem of his children's education to his wife.

What time did you get up?

It all happened three months ago.

They learned to dive when they were five.

I was having a bad day.

Did you talk to her?

I'll give you a temporary treatment.

Jef played Adrian a love song.

I didn't know you were planning to leave at 2:30.

Hughes found Wilmer irresistible.

I want the others to keep my tastes in mind.

It seems I've got a little tipsy. Sorry to have talked rubbish...

I thought so.

"What are you reading?" "I'm not reading. I'm drawing."

Keep it clean.

She expected to have called on her mother in hospital.

We hardly ever agree on anything.

Lloyd just barely passed the test.

While entering the prison the new guy suffered a heart attack.

They cheered as his train passed.

This may end up being somebody else's problem.

This candle is not white.

Knute removed his coat.

We've got to get you a better office.

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You'll always be part of the family.

I think I know why Pieter got fired.

I wouldn't go in there.


I am good at speaking English.

I want to see the scene in slow motion.

I'm going now.


Cyrus drank from the tap.


She is an expert in mathematics.

In France, mineral water usually is drunk in restaurants.

They did not like my book.

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Lincoln greeted his former political rival.

Now that I think of it, it's too small - that ring.

It wasn't her.

We're the only ones left.

Do you like to dance?


I won't deny that.


My father doesn't like football.

You don't have very many friends, do you?

Her condition grew worse last night.

I could really make things hard for you, you know.

I feel ill at ease in her company.

She went away to Italy.

Is it raining now?

I am asking questions to my father.

I went to the hospital to see my mother.

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And that's what happened.

There are about ten to twenty students in total.

I heard them say something had happened in the lab.


I wonder what ear lobes are for.

A nuclear war would mean the fall of humankind.

How did you like that movie?

He seems to be a student.

Tim has been here a long time.

It's true that she knows a lot about cooking, but she isn't a good cook.

The conference was cloaked in secrecy.

You have gorgeous eyes.

I feel like a kid who suddenly realizes that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

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He instantly regretted taking apart the laptop after realizing how many complex components there were inside.

He said he's lost with that math topic.

Trang needs fish oil.

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What fools men are in their salad days.

All the guests have gone.

If you ever have any problem with Marion, I'll help you out.

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She used to go mountain climbing with him.

Nathaniel wondered what could have made Marshall change her mind.

Ross and Shatter discussed the problem for almost an hour.

Does it look like I can fix this computer?

I gave Emil a ride home.

And that's the dilemma.

We consider his behavior childish.


What's their problem?

You haven't asked me what I want to do.

Oliver plays the bagpipes.

Where would Emily go?

Have you ever seen Earnie eat?

You must take care of your dog yourself.

I plan on doing my part.

That's easy to say.

Tell him this is hopeless.


I asked Billie if he needed more money.


The lights automatically turn off.

I've been back home for a week, but I'm still suffering from jet lag.

Do you know what the speed limit is here?

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Bring mangos.

The Sistine Chapel is a vast chapel built inside the Vatican Palace in 1473.

Ain't that cute?


That's an offensive question.

That's just great.

He had one daughter.

Our plane took off from Narita two hours late, so we missed our flight in Hong Kong.

His heart bounded with expectation.

The Twitter bird is evil.

Please come to my house.

She's a honey!

I could not keep the tears from my eyes.

I want someone to talk to.

She pressed her lips together and willed herself not to cry.

Piet showed me how to use his camera.

I only know that Paul isn't happy.

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No wonder the remote isn't working. It doesn't have a battery!


How to say this sentence in your language?

He's returning to the place that you came from.

I'll boil you the potatoes.

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I speak from experience.

It's nice to see you haven't changed.

I eat and drink.

Shouldn't we give it to them?

Tor is the person we've been looking for.

There is always some aspect of poverty wherever you look. It's all in your head.

Melanie is a mathematician.

The credibility and veracity of the report that pieces of the plane have been found, cannot yet be verified.

Eve gave Adam the apple of knowledge.

You seem a little sore.

During the movie, I tried to suspend my disbelief, but failed.

What takes you only three days, takes me as many weeks.

His ignorance hindered us in our progress.

Dennis said he just didn't have the time.

I buy the texts, but first I start writing the English sentences that come along without looking at them.


A bat is no more a bird than a rat is.


Why can't they do it?

Jerome rolled over and snoozed for another 15 minutes.

I started crying when I was chopping the onions.

It's high time to get going!

The tragic mistake affected many people.

You're a mighty good feller.

They collected coffee cups.

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Serious calamities struck him his whole life.

I didn't actually go to college.

They are talking past each other.

This is a house and that is a mosque.

I'd like to go shopping.

My plants are happy.

Lisa hasn't been eating enough.

I met them before you were born.

Ninja can no longer live here.

Milner didn't have the courage to disobey Rod.

We must leave.

I am inferior to him in mathematics.

He was asleep during the lesson.

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You gave me your word but you broke your promise, right?


That's what I expected of my daughter.

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I was born on March 22, 1962.


They had the work finished.

She is putting on weight.

That seems clear.

After swimming, a glass of orange juice really fills the bill.

She thinks of her boss as a father.

If you don't study harder, you'll fail for sure.

Ned doesn't know what he wants.

Dig in.

Just like I thought, the contractor came back today, begging for more time.

Do you have a ballpen?

I can't hear what you're saying; it's too noisy here.

That's the plan for now.

(Implied subject) will drink.

I have no patience with those who say that sexual excitement is shameful and that venereal stimuli have their origin not in nature, but in sin. Nothing is so far from the truth.

I'm so sorry for what I've done.

You'll spook her.

If you do come up with something, let me know.

The author shows a great talent in the creation of his characters.

Love, which is a wonderful feeling, comes to everyone at some time in their life.