I just thought of a great idea.

He is not wearing a hat.

He made himself a sandwich.

All of you betrayed me.

Where do you suggest we start looking?

They tricked me!

I can get us everything we need.

My words are like a mirror; if a jackass read them, then don't expect he'd see an angel's face.

I don't know what's popular now.

The black and white dog has bitten me.

Old age is an island surrounded by death.

I wish we had more people like Jayesh working for us.

I'm just not cut out for this kind of work.

The elections this weekend will in some way have an impact on what will be the 2000 elections.


In my view, you are wrong.

You're deceiving yourself.

How do you think Betty is going to propose to Lum?

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider, to Victorian levels, even.

We were just lucky this time.

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Gregg isn't afraid of anything, is he?


It's not going to be cheap.

Do you believe the legends?

Start now, and you will get there in time.

I wonder what I'll find in the box.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.

I think Jean-Christophe should be able to do that without any help.

When you turn to the left, you'll see a white building.

Thanks, that's all.

He argued that the new policy was bound to drive the economy into recession.

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I heard that he gave himself up to the police.

Look! A flying cockroach!

Everyone jumped into the pool.

Would you like me to continue?

I haven't eaten all day.


No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.

I have attached instructions on how to use FTP to access our files.

Nikolai knows the clock is running out.

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Let me open this discussion.

Don't you dare ask Klaus that.

Her character is similar to yours.

The river supplies cities and villages with water.

He was caught cheating in the exam.

Agatha and I'll come together.

I couldn't help blushing.

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Have you ever thought about getting a pilot's license?


My pants are too short.

There was another one.

It's just how things work.


Sharan is very pleased with Rick's performance.


We'll go see her.


That customer over there has been here since we opened.


Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.

I'm pretty sure it's true.

The police have Maureen under surveillance.

I'll give her one more chance.

She is washing the car.

Vijay laid the gun down on the floor.

The sea is far from calm.

Brett managed to escape through a window.

Aren't you extremely busy preparing for your trip these days?

It's about time for lunch.

I would've paid.

You'll get the plane all right if you leave at once.

Am I pregnant?

I have a good watch, even if it is not brand-new.

Micheal may need help.

Marvin and Jenine got back together.

A friend of mine is looking for someone who can speak French.

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She couldn't accustom herself to New England winters.

I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.

We need to clean the camp site before we leave.

Ramsey has insomnia.

The flight attendant apologized for spilling hot coffee on Jarmo.


Sometimes I write longer sentences because they offer more information or context and are useful to work out the meaning of words.


Christina was drinking chocolate milk through a straw.

He convinced me that his brother was innocent.

Facebook makes money by selling targeted advertising.


I will teach you to play chess.

That wuss is at home after breaking up with some chick I've never heard of and claims to be trying to think of a way to make things up to this other girl he truly loves and frankly I question if either of these women actually exist.

I have been anxious about your health.


Stand up and introduce yourself, please.

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Can I see you for a moment?

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She is gone shopping.

I can understand why you might not want to go.

What do you want that for?

I'm already accustomed to the heat of summer.

It's cold and windy outdoors.

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I want you to understand that I'll never marry Radek.

Today, I'm busy getting ready for my trip.

Hon hasn't shown up at work yet.

Next week I'm going to Tokyo on business.

Belinda has decided to go to Boston by himself.

I never thought I'd be this busy.

That sounds fishy to me.

Don't try to blame this on us.

Jurevis reminds me of someone.

She brings home the bread and butter.

I'm here to protect them.


I hope you enjoyed the trip.


Remember to check to make sure the gas has been turned off before you go out.

Princess Alice of Greece was deaf and could lip-read in three languages.

The kids are playing Duck Hunt.


Would you give me the recipe for your salad?


He's an amateur actor.

This is too much homework.

He wanted a back massage.


I've always wanted to learn French.

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What are my choices?


I was on a bike.

I need to go somewhere else for a little while.

She looked as if she had been sick for a long time.

I will give you this.

I'll take in the washing before it rains.

This is a beautiful flower, isn't it?

I will grant that you are right on this point.

He's very skeptical.

Do you hear the birds singing?


Pontus took off his helmet.

The man terrified the little children.

At that hospital, even if you've got an appointment you have to wait at least two hours, so be ready for that.


I want to eat a tasty yakisoba bread.

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This reaction is used industrially to convert toluene to phenol.

Please send any complaints or suggestions to the following email address.

You seem to enjoy watching me suffer.

Bobby needs an assistant.

I traveled far and wide in America.


This type of noun phrase is called a "concealed question".

I'm not trying to make you feel guilty.

I'm not hurt.

Gary never called Jeffrey to apologize.

Her sweater is purple.

What's your favorite soccer team?

Matthias is attractive.

She is by no means stupid.

Can I speak to Mr Sato?

They gave a play to entertain their teachers.

She told the dog to stay.


She must go there.

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Children play with blocks.

There's a cat in my house.

He knows how to argue with the manager.

"Can I get you a beer?" "Do you have anything stronger?"

Julia kisses her daughter.

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She leaves for Tokyo next month.


My wife is subject to moods.


I don't think I'll be needing anything else.

It will pay you to save a part of your salary each month.

There's a big pile of mail on your desk.

Donn left only a few minutes ago.

You know you can tell me anything, right?

She reached out for his hat.

I'm just not attracted to you.

We must be missing something.

Hi, Fred, how about badminton on Thursday?

Will Iran attack Israel?

He is determined to go to England.

I wish that you had brought a heating pack. It's a necessary article in winter.

Don didn't like beer at that time.

Oleg comes here once a month.

Ro sensed that something was not quite right.


We know him.

Joel looks as if he's angry.

She managed to keep up appearances.