In the same amount of time it would take me to correct all the mistakes in your report, I could write a better report myself.

Should we call Kiki?


We'll never live this fiasco down.


For 5 days we will train like hell!

My brother and I are about the same age.

Do you have someone in mind for the job?

I'm saving up for a new car.

His plan will call for a lot of money.

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Israel spent the day with his parents.

All at once, I saw two figures: one a little man who was stumping along eastward at a good walk, and the other a girl of maybe eight or ten who was running as hard as she was able down a cross street.

An amputation is needed.

Jeffery is very good at imitating the way Trey talks.

Vickie is a published writer.

The water is warm.

I'd like to make sure there's no misunderstanding.

Who's playing hockey tonight?

I'm totally serious.

He was lying there very still and tense.

He is free to go there.


Martha could do nothing to help Darrell.

The months slipped by and still there was no news of him.

I always thought this would be the right thing to do.

Kent did that, too.

I'm here. What do you want?

Audrey agreed to that.

Suddenly, the thick clouds hid the sun.

That's what Ramesh is known for.

Why aren't they worried?

Like my new beach shorts?

Don't you miss her?

I got your address from Collin.

The flat was furnished in the Victorian style.

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Syed stayed at one of the hotels on Park Street.

The project will require 2000 man-hours to complete.

Brahe invented many instruments such as the Tyconian Quadrant which were widely copied and led to the invention of improved observational equipment.

I thought Laura had given up.

She always says the same thing.

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By the 23rd century, human clones with genetic modifications, such as a different hair colour, became more common.

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I can't fit in with them.

I know that Subra wanted to be here.

I wasn't thirsty.

Cathy wanted you to think he'd died.

I know a poet whose poems are widely read.

Saul isn't lonely anymore.

He likes baseball very much.

Do you have a tape measure I could borrow?

We're sorry we weren't able to help you.

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Our class is a small one.

We must pay regard to other cultures like ours.

It's Lindsey I have a problem with.

I took a walk with my dog.

The best efforts of the human race, in addition, were necessary to assist the gods in their cosmic task.

You can kill a man with a BB gun.

I don't feel like going shopping with you today.

I don't want Orville's death on my conscience.

We looked out the window, but we didn't see anything.


He teaches French in New York.


I don't remember posting the letter.

It's a good thing to read good books when you are young.

He's the perfect drummer for the band.


Juri wasn't allowed to visit his father who was in prison.

The students assembled in the classroom.

The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded.


I just wanted to remind you to call Coleen.

When do you expect him back?

"Scot told Laurence we were dating?" "Yes." "I'm going to kill her!"

I'm sick of it.

Hey, I wasn't finished with that.

It's wretchedly cold.

Mr.Tanaka was hired as a salesman.

I have been having to piss since I left the house.

Dan persuaded Linda to leave Britain with him.

I'm not scared of them.

After three straight late nights at work, I feel like I'm drowning in work.

You should apologize to your father for not getting home in time for dinner.

This planet's orbit is congested with hundreds of captured moons.

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No questions were asked.

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I'd like to strangle her.

The stomach connects to the small intestine.

Fred has finally resigned.

He found the evidence that bees can communicate with each other.

A miss by an inch is a miss by a mile.


He has stayed at the hotel for five days.

I figure it's about time we're going.

The president flies to the city in a helicopter.


Cows give milk.


Mr Wood was like a father to Tony.


There is a lot of food in the larder.

She's used to getting up early.

I like the smell of bread just out of the oven.

Kyung's promotion came through.

Lorenzo asked if Marla was married.

I am very scared.

I thought Kenton was my friend.

Is this a gag?

She ran up the stairs.


I've been pretty busy.

I jog before breakfast every morning.

India is in Asia.

I have almost no time to study English.

They said they're thirsty.

We live in house number fifty, nearby the supermarket.

Well, I just asked him if he knew the time, because my watch has stopped, and he simply bolted.

I'm not that easily intimidated.

The guest was not ashamed of his silly conduct at all.

No one can stop the time from passing.

I could cry for joy.

That scene was branded on her memory.

Our work concerns peace.

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There is a tendency to utilize underground space for the less ornamental purposes of civilization.

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You shouldn't eat raw snails.


He drummed nervously on the railing.

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We should follow her.


You don't want to go there.

How much French do you know?

How often have you been there?

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On your mark, ready, set, go!

When you think about it for a minute.

In addition to good health, he has a good brain.

That is complicating the matter.

Americans who had money were afraid to invest it.

Why we did it in the first place is beyond my comprehension.

I have some food.

I have a lot of love for you.

Our work here isn't done.

He came tearing around the corner, driving like a maniac, going like a house afire.

The crow caws.

It took a load off my mind when our team won the championship.

Surya says that he loves Emil.

The strikers hectored the few scabs courageous enough to cross the picket line.

Rik looked out the window at the street.

Hotels are cheaper in the off season.

I wanted to do the right thing.


After a storm comes a calm.

The sovereign completely recovered from his illness.

It's not Olaf Brandi has been protecting.

A camel can store a large amount of fat in the hump on its back.

Germany lies in the heart of Europe.


A messenger took the letter to the White House.

Ping is qualified for this job.

Luckily, I won first prize.


What time is good for you?

Marsh and I are soul mates.

I hear the competition is tough.

A centimeter is a unit of length.

Blayne came to my office early yesterday afternoon.

Can you tell me more about Boston?

Write me.

He did it at his own risk.

We made waffles.

Our army attacked the kingdom.

There are a lot of stars larger than our own Sun.

I chanced talking to her.

I suppose that depends on how good you are. I'm counting on you!

I can't even imagine what I would do without you.

You cannot always have your own way.


I truly value my friends and will never have "enough" or too many.

The people in Boston are very friendly.

What's to understand?

I refuse to work.

The noise was so loud that it was a nuisance to the neighbors.


Brian kept Kate waiting.


He had a serious illness in the autumn of 1823.


Have you ever seen one?

My new deodorant has me smelling like a beautiful woman.

We can have that for you by tomorrow; no sweat.

Who asked you to help?

Would you give me a few minutes alone with Audrey?