Jinny refused to believe that Del was dead.


Rich can't retire yet.

We are faced with a host of problems.

I came earlier than usual.

Samuel didn't seem to notice that Slartibartfast was there.

I should get her home.

She was looking forward to going sailing with him.

Don't take that away from us.

Tal said this movie was pretty good.

I'm going to wash my hands.

Tarmi has got to be completely nuts.

He's not stupid.

I thought Vicky would know when the time was right.

He never breaks promises.

Will you run down to the corner and buy me a paper?

Who would've thought it possible?

I made several calls to Mr Yamada's residence, but no one answered the calls.

Luis wanted me to help him.

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If they make a deal, we're saved.


Your need for intimacy may increase.

My punctuation isn't perfect.

The video is a real lemon!

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Open a book and it will open your soul.

If you only knew what kind of a situation I am in.

Tobias knew something strange was going on.

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I like to feel sad. I know that most people try to avoid any kind of sad feeling. But I think that is wrong.

Did you just say "Novorussia"?

What do you guys think of them?


They marked off the land for their house with rows of stones.

Charlene is completing your order.

Alejandro was a stowaway on a ship.


It matters to us.

That's pretty old.

What if Dawson was right?

You can take today off.

Meehan dangled her shoe off the tip of her toes.

Have you asked him for help?

I was invited to Sachiko's party.

I'm sure it'll come in handy.

I was mauled by a bear.


It seems I forgot my wallet at the supermarket.

Mum's just gone shopping.

Is that weird?


I got off lightly.

Lenny has a great talent for the assignment of tasks.

Someone's going to hurt us.

Please open your bag.

It's wonderful that we're all gathered here today.

In my opinion, staying up late is bad for your health.

We'll take good care of them.

Bring them inside.

We haven't won anything yet.

Loren stepped away from the window.

You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.


It's obvious that he's right.


I don't take after my father.

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You know why!

I'm Jeffery and I'm an addict.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

We made a list.

I bought this suit just for this occasion.


With enough effort, anyone can beat the odds to become a winner.

I think I believe him.

They had a baby last week.

I'm afraid I have internal bleeding.

They marked off the land for their house with rows of stones.

I tied my dog to the tree in the yard.

Their job is to contact clients.

These buildings need temporary repairs.

Lindsey had strawberry blonde hair when he was a child.


John celebrated his fortieth (birthday) the other day, without pomp or ceremony.

We sell orange juice.

It would be better if you didn't eat before going to bed.

He is dreaming of becoming an astronaut.

You've got to get me out of this place.

That person's house is near the subway.

The scene impressed itself on my memory.


Pierette is my age.

She took care of his wound.

He owes much of his success to his wife.


Let me have a try.

He is a dramatist.

I haven't done this for a while.

It's just like Meg to act that way.

Sho shouted.

I'm not asleep yet.

Don't be a cheapskate.

She has a cleft lip.

He acted like he owned the place.

Can I bring my friends?

Why don't you get drunk to forget?

The river Ganges is considered sacred to Hindus.

Mysore wishes he could speak French like a native speaker.


I wonder how long we'll have to wait.


Sorry, I don't speak very well Esperanto.

The timing will be crucial.

Have you ever done any volunteer work?

I think I'd want to know.

He is not a good person.

I knew that Lynn would come.

His words have come true.

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I want to buy the same car that Alejandro wants to buy.

He still owes me the answer.

They sound better live.


If you really want to know, all you have to do is ask.


Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?

Why give it to me?

When was the last time you danced?

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Americans who are over sixty-five make up 12.5% of the total population.


Jay wants to sell everything in his garage.


I don't think Bob has any idea what happened.

The fish wants to escape.

Put the gun on the table.

But goddammit where did I put those rechargeable batteries?

I think you look great.

I was surprised when Harv said he was applying for a job at our company.

I'll turn on the lights.

Judge glanced round the bedroom.

Tareq was competitive.

I will never have a daughter.

She demanded that I should help him.

Emirates has five daily flights from New York to Dubai.

Alvin keeps a pair of binoculars in the glove compartment of his car.


You should get your car washed.


Cliff is never there.

The train is supposed to arrive in ten minutes.

Here is your dog.


He's one of her many lovers.

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Stanislaw and I'll be all right.

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My advice was not followed.

In other words, she's dumb.

Maureen is much shorter and weighs much less than Swamy.

I'd like to ask you a question.

The worst thing imaginable just happened.

Skeeter asked me what I thought was going to happen.

She doesn't say certain things.

Snowboarding was actually a lot more fun than I expected.

Shall I open it?

Some consider language as a form of knowledge.

The baby grows.

Meehan married Nils last year.

I'm proud of working with you.


President Jackson left a few minutes later.

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That is a danger zone; don't go there.


On many occasions I don't agree with him.

He whistled as he went along.

He turned away the question.

Sharon looks awkward.

Where did you scatter them?

There's a black sheep in every flock.

Major has broken something again.


My doubts have been cleared up.


We've already published these pictures.


Rik didn't expect this.

Damn rascal! Did you really think you were going to trick me?

When he took the exam, he tried hard but failed it.

We didn't stand a chance.

I know that I have a date, but I'm not sure who it's with.

This man's wealth is big, but his madness is even bigger.

You can get a nice view from here when the weather is good.

The other leaned against a tree hard by.

Well, personally, I don't really care for it.


William Shakespeare was an English playwright.