Sekar is watching a movie on his computer.

You're better than that.

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Sangho never wanted to be here.

He hurt his left foot when he fell.

Matthias drove Geoffrey home in his sports car.

The man robbed the old man of the bag.

I cannot understand Korean. I have never learnt it.

Vadim has always been my staunchest ally at work.

I am very scared.


Nate showed me how to operate the machine.


To hatred, I reply with pardon.

He laid stress on the importance of being punctual.

They were very assertive.

Srinivasan saw two men lying on the floor, bleeding from gunshot wounds.

We've faced this problem before.

If you have any problems, I'll help.

Tricia gave Jenine a brief hug.


We got into our sleeping bags, and then Lindsay told a story about ghosts.

For once in my life I'm doing a good deed... And it is useless.

Do you know where he lives?


Could you tell me something about your school?

Moe passed a five euro note to his daughter, Juha, and said "buy whatever you'd like with this."

You should bear that in mind.

Yeast makes dough rise.

Ben committed his diary to the lawyer's care.

At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do.

In harmony with truth.


It's not an insult. It's an observation.

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I can translate only short sentences in German.

Everyone thinks so.

Sam keeps waiting for his ship to come in.

The story revolves around a love triangle.

Tao claimed Ted owed him money.


You're so set in your ways!

We are eleven in all.

You can't defeat Les alone.

Ask him to stay a while.

Dale told me that he was thirsty.

We might find something.

Tomorrow is my first day at the new workplace.

The economy is improving.

Don't quibble about the details.

We lost the bet.

The floor was wet with water.

Jones seemed frightened at first.

Heidi greeted us warmly.

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I thought Scott was coming.

I need to ask you one more favor.

We decorated the room ourselves.

You were just acting?

That's very easy to do.

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Did that hurt?

The warnings were ignored.

That's enough out of you.

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He's lying in the shade.

What did Christopher Columbus discover?

I don't want to move again.


Prostitution, gambling, the use of narcotic substances, drunkenness, disorder, and all other illegal activities are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

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I enjoyed myself a lot.

Would you mind telling me what you're doing here?

Who is the person in charge?


This cap belongs to him.


Rajarshi learnt even some Turkish in Germany.

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Don't talk while you have food in your mouth.

Terri is someone I look up to.

That's more than enough.


I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.

Shari is much more relaxed when Jacob isn't around.

Lui lost his wife a few months ago.


I don't know anything about the future.


How long did you need to translate the book?


I can't save you this time.

We cannot but wonder at his skill in skiing.

Sangho watched the race through binoculars.

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Is that a rhetorical question?


There's not much more to say.


Also my bedding got dirt on it.

I don't belong to the club.

Be careful not to trip and fall.

I was beginning to worry.

She lives in a huge house.


Quite a lot of friends and acquaintances have come.

Tuna smiled appreciatively.

Walt whistled for his horse.

I have no control over that.

I can't not work again.

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I can't permit this to continue.

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Be infected with the evil ways of the world.

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I have the same dress as you!

It just wasn't meant to be.

Janos explained the decision.

Lately I try for health reasons to go to bed early and to wake up early.

We are having a mild winter.

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Could I drink some more tea?

The sooner we get there, the more likely are we to get seats.

Does he have to run so fast?

This decision was hard to make.

I should be home with my wife.

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He failed in the examination for lack of preparation.


Have you finally lost your nerve?

No one's talking.

Many species of insects are on the verge of extinction.


Filipinos should write more about science in Filipino.

There's just something about him.

She passed me pretending not to know me.

Millie isn't eating an apple.

Laurel should have invited Reid, but he didn't.

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We want to go to the cinema.

Relax your mind.

He began to play the music written by a pianist in that country.

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We need it.

You look so different with those glasses on.

I can't wait to meet this girl.

I used to wear lipstick, but I don't anymore.

Everyone laughed at us.

They have a large garden.

There are a lot of beautiful places in Japan.

I've never been more scared in all my life.

You dead.

Laurence can't retire yet.

Carl grabbed the half-eaten burrito from Bradford and started eating it.

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If I had enough money, I could buy this camera.

Every time I read this book, I find something new.

Ross held up his hands.


If you want money, why don't you call Karl?

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Are you fond of music?

Double your bet.

The satellite made 10 orbits of the earth.


You're getting warmer.

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We should've tried harder.

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They have cherished the child as their own.

I got a message from her.

Why did you show me this?


She may have called me up while I was out.

When the thing was sent into the post office, the goods were lost due to the mistake of the post office.

Fred told his wife about the goals that he wanted to accomplish.

You may take the book.

Knudsen wants to buy a Japanese car.

I don't mind a bit of hard work.

His parents helped whoever asked for their help.

She winked at him as soon as she saw him and signed for him to stay with her.

It's just a superficial wound.

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This is positive energy.


I didn't mean it.

I speak French very well.

I've always thought you were a Canadian.

He studied the way birds fly.

Do you know any good Korean restaurants.

Social media is growing in importance.

He had no idea what to expect.

The unclaimed items were sold off at auction.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

After dropping Triantaphyllos at her home, Jeannie headed back to the office.

I know that this is important to you.

Many women could barely spell their names.

Isn't that the most humane punishment for criminals?

The Beatles consisted of four musicians.

Do you remember what Grant said?