Leon is dependable, isn't he?

If you ignore the past, you jeopardize the future.

Good medicine is bitter.

We've eaten.

Are you going to quit your job?

Longfin Batfish, or Platax Teira, have recently been seen near Hawaii.

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They attempted in vain to bribe the witness.

I love what you've done to your place.

It is improper to impose sanctions upon the union.


Kylo is probably a lot busier now than he was three months ago.

Please, madam, help yourself!

There is a tall tree in front of my house.

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They became citizens after receiving political asylum.

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"Do you think Nancy is offended because we didn't invite her?" "She probably isn't unhappy because she has so much to do."


I don't think I want to see Turkeer again.

Olivier is patronizing.

Morgan ate part of the ham, and then put the rest into the refrigerator.


Because his family traveled from place to place, Cesar Chavez attended more than thirty schools as a child.

Tell her that I am proud of her.

Man returns to his phylogenetic roots in panic situations.

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By morning the clouds had lifted and the whole length of the Himalayas lay before us in all its splendor.

She has gone abroad.

Put your weapons down.

I can see how you might think that.

I need no justification for my actions.

Hunter and I have our differences.

Larry added a room to his house.


National Foundation Day (February 11): day for commemorating the founding of the nation and for fostering patriotic feelings.


But he plays soccer with his friend.

Have you read any of Juliane's stories?

Why didn't you do what we asked?

Everybody was so up in arms but it seems they got all panicky about nothing.

Billie didn't find anything in the old box.

They are both talented.

I didn't do well on the test so my parents chewed me out.

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I have to go on a diet to lose weight.

Isn't there anything we can do to help Duke?

Piotr is very afraid of dogs.

No-one is more capable of translating your sentences than yourself, surely.

He was so tired that he could hardly walk.

This is the house where the famous crimes took place.

I just want to thank you.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Tanaka.

He won us over with his honesty.

He has a platinum credit card.

He asked me to read 5 poems.

You were totally right.

I can't abide that noise.

How did you get Lord to do that for you?

Do you really want to break up with your girlfriend?

My pen must be looked for.

To the village.

Stay quiet and rest.

Why did it happen?

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Shawn is believable.


You won't feel a thing.

She wiped her wet hair with a towel.

This is his eleventh hour.

Hiroshi is sawing the wood into boards.

Francisco is happier now.


I think Kirk is busy.

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Many young people are out of work in that country.


We'll visit you soon.

Boyce's parole conditions require him to report to the police once a week.

Do you want someone to go with you?

The sun descended behind the mountains.

Could you tell me what I missed?

I could hear an owl hooting in the distance.

Loren yelled at Paul in French.

I wish to have a word with you.

Martha certainly couldn't have succeeded without your help.

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This spider is pretty aggressive.

Jayant's story brought tears to my eyes.

It's usually easy for Norwegians to get what Swedes are saying.

It was announced that there is a high possibility of the fuel within the nuclear reactor of Nuclear Plant 1 melting.

The White family will arrive in Tokyo at ten thirty.

I love peace. Isn't peace wonderful?

Could you show me your return ticket?

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It's impossible to learn English in a month.

I can't adopt your view.

I have been to Japan.

Lynnette works as a croupier in a casino.

Anyone can use this dictionary.

She talks about everything with her parents.

Recently we seem to just keep missing each other. I never seem to be able to meet up with him.

Being aware of what and how much we eat is essential to good health.

My wallet was stolen in the cloak room.

The business hasn't been paying for the last six months.

Don't watch those shows.


He looked through the window.


He's changed a lot in his looks.

I tried to take our dog out of our house.

Take care of your health.


A great Empire, like a great Cake, is most easily diminished at the Edges.

I won't pay for her.

Clark ran away from Brian.

There is a garden in front of the house.

Pim and Ilya started dancing as soon as the band started playing.


Everybody in the lobby is waiting to talk to Benjamin.

Have you ever beaten your dog?

They won't start the meeting without us.

He is an American, but as he was born and brought up in Japan, he can speak Japanese quite fluently.

This is not enough.

They denied her any help.

I only found out a couple days ago.


The Loyalists fled to Canada.

The priest reprimanded the altar boy for swinging the incense around like a lasso.

I would like to open a checking account.

Mitchell is different from his brother.

We won't hear from Wolf.

In China, there are 56 minorities.

It doesn't work so well because the batteries are running down.

I have exactly what you need.

There's no need to rush.

I'm quite sure of that.

What's your favorite flower?

Russia lost 20 million people during World War II.

In the great square, the boldest among the boys would often tie their sledges to the country people's carts, and go with them a good way.

Piercarlo tried to talk Ned out of leaving.

There's a very strong wind blowing.

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I walked to her house, I even went to your home.

We're releasing all the sentences we collect under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Meanwhile the PIRATE Party offers space on an internet server of theirs to all CDU groupings in Kassel that are affected by censorship by means of the party leaders.

They ambushed the enemy.

You're obviously upset about something.

Every man has his weak side.

Japan and the U.S. are the most important trading partner to each other.

Do you want dry cleaning or regular wash?

You ought not to say such things in public.

It must be our lucky day.

We've been having strange weather the past few years.

You need not have come in such a hurry.

Tad drank some of Wilson's whiskey.

Matthias felt like an outcast.

Write a poem with three four line stanzas.

Students are expected to stay away from dubious places.

To leave is to die a little, but to die is to leave very much.


Heinz sent Donovan a selfie.


When I entered the kitchen, she was making chicken curry with rice.

We met in the American history class.

I like contact sports.


I heard footsteps.


Juan gave Julius something to drink.

I heard something outside.

Stand back!

I don't think we should even consider buying a new car at this time.

Ernest didn't agree with Theo about the matter.

We've got to call Laurianne.

All for one, and one for all. That's team play.

My sister is old enough to go to a workout studio by herself.

I thought Carisa had more sense than that.

You're very patient.

Marilyn climbed over the high wire fence in order to get into the old factory in spite of his father's prohibition.


I don't think Earle is ready.


You two are funny.

He's eating breakfast in the cafe.

The X-axis is the horizontal axis and the Y-axis is the vertical axis.

Elsa was pretty young at the time.

How deep is too deep?

He doesn't check his figures when he's calculating.

His unique perspective helped shed light on the situation.

Why can't you be more like your sister?

Your parents didn't come, did they?

I'll see you in class.

He is impatient enough to get angry easily.


Japanese history is my favorite subject.

She is older than Jane by two years.

When are you going to stop laughing like an idiot?


The best way is to do one thing at a time.