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He doesn't seem to be aware of the conflict between my father and me.

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I'm really happy I did it.

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Danny often travels to Germany for health reasons.

You could give more.

Will you please tell me the secret?

We still have available rooms.

Rayan won't like doing that.

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Wendell pulled on his pants.


Carisa is a promising student.


I'll pay by Visa.

I just can't get out of it.

They're attacking us.

I didn't knit it for him.

Hopefully, we'll arrive tomorrow.

In 1900, he left England, and he never returned.

I only wanted to talk to him.

Here are a few coppers.

Why do you walk when you have a car?


We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools.

Where I am doesn't matter.

Rupert needs all the help he can get.

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You're the guy who killed him.


When the weather had cleared, the children began to play baseball again.

I'm going to investigate this case.

Nicolo has decided not to wait.


I spent Monday with them.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to jump in.

Where did you clean them?


You must not fail me again.

Darin drives safely.

Nelken is really conservative, isn't he?


Can you do the job or not?


She's an all-American girl.


I have a gut feeling that that won't happen.

I know about Ravindranath and Pratap.

A theocracy engulfed the supernation and authorities forbade spaceflight for generations.

I can't believe that Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

I wish I'd taken more pictures.

Could you sign this?

From now on, we'll do it this way.

That guy is just exploiting you.

I watch TV after I finish my homework.


Jinny asked me why I did it.

What do I have to change?

Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.


He still hasn't responded.

William Tell shot an arrow at the apple on his son's head.

I said that I was confused.


My house stands within easy access of the railroad station.


I'll put in a good word for you.

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French words like "vin" give Americans trouble; but "meringue," a valuable clue, falls trippingly from the tongue.

I don't think, therefore I am not.

He sent me a brief letter.

The economic situation isn't good right now.

We often associate black with death.

The lost boy held out until the rescue team came.

I always take some exercise before breakfast.


He finished his chores in no time.

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Isaac got in his car and drove away.


Your offer is reasonable.

In his forties and fifties, a man is still a toddler.

We should have a conversation.

Gunnar baked three dozen cookies for Cliff's party.

I thought I was doing what you wanted me to do.

She tried to squeeze the juice out of the orange.

Why don't you ever say it?


The economy has been resructured.

I hate myself for hating her.

All of a sudden, she began to laugh.

Are you here to help us?

I know it hurts.

Is Sunday the first day of the week?

Walter needs to make an urgent telephone call.

Cory wants my help.

To me, acting is the most logical way for people's neuroses to manifest themselves, in this great need we all have to express ourselves.

Give me a few seconds.

I have a wonderful plan.

She doesn't like him.

Play out of doors on a fine day.

The summer vacation is only a week away.

That really bothers me.

Teresa reluctantly followed Shuvra.

He mistook me for my twin brother.

I had only one aim in throwing everything away to run this restaurant.

Thusnelda the cow is the subject of this sentence.

May I be excused from Chinese?

You think Buddhism is something very far away.

Know your enemy.

If it had not been for his help, I would have failed.

I regret that I can't help you.

Do you have any kind of alibi?

Emily will recite the book.

Do you have a smartphone?

The game was drawing to an end.

Cathrin helped John tie his tie.

We arrived here safely yesterday.

Certainly, these things are true.

She has a magnetic personality.

It was a big night.

I feel really proud.

Gorillas cannot use their lips and tongues to speak, but they can communicate with people in other ways.

What did Marla really mean?

When two armies oppose one another, those who can fight should fight, those who can't fight should guard, those who can't guard should flee, those who can't flee should surrender, and those who can't surrender should die.

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He behaved badly.

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I want to take a look inside.

Is the book boring?

The chances of our team winning are fifty-fifty.

Good, I will do my best.

I usually go to school by bicycle.


Two girls played on the seesaw.

It's no use thinking about one's lost youth.

You can be completely open with me.

I want you to wait for me until I get through with work at 7.

Who threw that?


Paul may have misunderstood you.


I have always strived for greatness.

I think you did it.

I know all that.

Emma used to be one of our employees.

I'll need at least three days to translate that thesis.

I'm humble.

A fire broke out in my neighborhood last night.

We may not be back for a couple of weeks.

Well, I never!

Who do you think asked me to give this to you?

The boy started to sob.


Despite adversity, the ingenious man achieved worldwide fame.

He used to have bread for breakfast.

We've gotten into this fixed pattern.

Only in every third German household meals are cooked daily yet.

That's weird.


He was afraid of hurting her.

Cary closed the book.

She need not have brought a lunch.

Ginny says he's never had a girlfriend.

That's horrific! Unless people like it, in which case I support it 100%.


Supplies were very low.

What are you good at?

Jaime doesn't eat anymore. She barely touches her food.

I want Naren to lose.

Everyone believes something different, but there is only one truth.

I met my girlfriend five years ago.

We got on the bus at Shinjuku.

The runner had reached the halfway mark.

How fast Greyhound buses run!

"You don't know how to smoke?" "Of course I know how to smoke!"

I can run.

Ronni gave Nichael quite a lot of money.

The competition will be intense.

Cris died immediately.

I checked the date.

I don't want to buy this carpet.

Rod tried to impress Derek by driving very fast on the Autobahn, but it didn't work.

That's a bad idea.

When the sun of culture sets, the dwarfs too look like giants.


We could not tell the twins one from the other.

I wasn't surprised or disappointed.

This is a bow for a strong person.

Matthieu and Ravi walked for a moment in silence.

It was chilly.


I don't correct their exercises.

An English language students' magazine has invited readers to submit an article on the theme of culture shock.

Today I hooked my trailer up to my car, filled it with rubbish and took a very full load to the local rubbish dump.


Pamela has been waiting for ten minutes in the car.

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She shut the door on her finger.