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22 May 2015  â€”  Torsten Becker

I had some trouble to find a straight answer on how to profile a Clojure application to find CPU hotspots. After some searching and tinkering, I ended up with theoreticopractical


12 December 2013  â€”  Torsten Becker

Amazon's RedShift is a really neat product that solves a lot of our problems at work. However, its SQL dialect has some limitations when compared to Hive or PostgresSQL. I hit a limit when I needed table-generating functions but found a work-around. Learn how…

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17 September 2013  â€”  Hans Hasselberg & Torsten Becker

The other day my friend and colleague Hans was troubleshooting problems with one of our production PostgreSQL databases at 6Wunderkinder. The master was under high load and slowed down the whole system. So we needed to figure out why this happened and fix the problem. Read more…