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Welcome to CoupPuzzle.comTM, your portal to savings!
At CoupPuzzle.comTM we're helping you piece together great savings and we know that for most people their biggest asset is time. We've heard of the extreme couponers on television who manage to go to the supermarket and buy thousands of dollars worth of groceries for pennies. They spend many hours a week preparing for their shopping trips, for them it IS a full time job. For the rest us, we don't have that kind of time. You can use CoupPuzzle.comTM's tools to match existing coupons to store circular sale items, add your own coupons and search on them to find items on sale. You can also build shopping lists and organize your coupons in your on line binder. You can also track your savings and see where you're saving the most money!

What we do...we show you where your savings are. We let you search grocery store circulars so you can compare and save! We do not offer printable or downloadable coupons. We currently load and match weekly circulars for these stores: A&P, ACME, CVS, Genuardis, Giant, Giant Eagle, Kroger, RiteAid, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and Weis. We are always adding to our listings so if your favorite store is not listed, please feel free to (614) 385-3845 to let us know so we can add it!

How it works! Simply clip the coupons you need from your Sunday newspaper. Log into your Coupuzzle.com account and save your coupons to your online binder. Now you can search the store circulars to see where your coupons will help you save the most. Once you're logged in, look for this icon as you browse the pages of the site to access help files.

Use the tabs above to view each page and see what you can do with your subscription!
The CoupPuzzle.comTM Homepage
As a member of CoupPuzzle.comTM your homepage becomes your portal to great savings. Each section offers quick and handy links and information and highlight items you needs to attend to.
The Coupon Manager sections shows you how many coupons you currently have in your binder and will highlight the amount of coupons you have that are soon to expire or that have expired and need to be removed from your binder. Click on the number in each line to open your binder and manage your coupons.
The Inventory Manager sections lists items in your stock room that you may be running low on. Any item in your stock room with a quantity of 3 or less will appear in this section. You can use the links in this section to run keyword searches on the items your running low on to see if anything is on sale in your preferred stores and if you have coupons available.
The Savings Tracker sections offers you a form where you can track your savings by shopping trip. Simply enter the store name, amount you spent, the amount saved and the date of your shopping trip. There is also a link to charts and reports that you can run to track your savings.
In the Account Manager section you can change your password, select your preferred stores, which will be preloaded on your search forms and, if you so choose, cancel your subscription to CoupPuzzle.comTM.

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