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Our lab offers

Courier services

Electronic result reporting

Doctorate-level consultative support

Intense focus on client satisfaction and patient care

State-of-the-art triple quadrupole mass spec for drug confirmations

Biostat Laboratories will provide state of the art laboratory service to our healthcare and patient community through a dedicated staff of professionals focused on ensuring the delivery of accurate, cost effective, and timely clinical information.

Biostat has positioned itself to become the leader in drug testing services, as well as health and wellness evaluation; all designed for fast, accurate test results.

Biostats EMR integration system tracks paramount data over time, Identifies patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings, Monitors how patients measure up to certain parameters, and excels in overall quality of care in a practice

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CLIA waived by CMS

A wide range of optional panel selections, providing the tools you need for medication monitoring and preventing substance abuse.