I did well at the interview!

It took some effort.

Do you ever wear a tie?

My speakers are kid toys compared to yours.

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How do you know Kevyn?

At the moment she saw a tall man with a gun standing in the doorway, she instinctively backed away.

We should try to make the conquest of peace.

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Maybe Jef will go to Boston with Sergei.

They never caught Suwandi.

Have you ever tried to swim across this river?

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There is a lot more I wish I could say.

"Do you like snakes?" "Of course not."

It definitely felt good.

The vase fell to the floor and shattered.

I'm paid by the day.


He has been asked to sit on the committee.

Anyone could just walk in.

Let's sit here for a while and look at the view.


The guilt manifests itself on his face.

Pradeep wants me to stay for a couple of days.

She didn't want him to go out with other women.


Jupiter is so large that all of the other planets in the solar system could fit inside of it.

Max had a pretty good excuse for not being here yesterday.

Shave off your unibrow.


Our car ran out of gas after ten minutes.

Can't think of an answer?

All the students go home early on Saturday.

Ken spends an increasing amount of time at work.

Do you really think you can do that?

Roosevelt and Willkie discussed the situation.

Does Marek have a chance?


I've already paid the bill.

A doctor should never let a patient die.

The weather had been hot.

I told you what I think.

Beauty is a matter of opinion but ugliness is universal.


That's very distant.

Aaron isn't good enough for you.

We enjoyed watching the TV.

Put down your pencil and listen to me.

He retorted that it was all my fault.

As kids we used to love visiting grandma because she always had a large tin of biscuits in her kitchen.

His words set everybody roaring with laughter.

Dan asked Linda to spend the night with him.

Kate always sleeps through her alarm. Speaking of which, have you seen her yet today?

You should see what I found.

We have to find out what's going on here.

You have a lot to learn about men.

I suppose you'll let him go.

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I don't suppose you're going to let me go there by myself.


I didn't have much time so I just skimmed through the article.

You're intentionally throwing the game.

There's something I forgot to say.

Kill him, before he runs away!

I don't know who is weirder, you or me.

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We were eating eggs.

You get one phone call.

To hear her laugh, you'd take her for a young girl.

Why don't you tell me something I don't know?

Let's go somewhere nice for our wedding anniversary.

I think they should put a heavy tax on imports.

I like milk more than juice.

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I asked them how dinner was, but nobody answered me.

Seymour wasn't in on it.

Mr Thompson has been very busy today.

Page hasn't been forgotten.

There must've been a mistake.

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Several recent outbreaks of salmonella are a cause for concern to health authorites.

What should I do with Sir?

Repairing a broken radio I realise over again that I don't have an understanding of the operating principles of circuitry.


Her words gave me hope.

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He's bananas about cleanliness.

He isn't worthy to take the lead.

I don't know why I gave it to Art.

I haven't heard anyone call him a late bloomer in a while. But I do wonder when he's going to grow up.

That was Clyde's biggest problem.

My sister is engaged to him.

Every time I practice shooting, I miss the target.

Don't you want to graduate?

Maybe it's time for a change.


Please give me the letter.

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Olof got hurt when he fell down.

Yesterday, she took her own life.

I want you to look at something for me.

Robert was at Harvard the same time I was.

Are you dying?

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My uncle had me act as a translator.

The Tokaido Line was crippled by the typhoon.

This is the last place I want to be right now.


I need to trace the outline.


I figured it would be easy to do.

This experience will do you good in the long run.

The weather was not only cold, it was also damp.

Old traditions are crumbling away.

There are too many managers and not enough employees.

The teacher is sitting on the chair.

You shouldn't talk about Jack behind his back.

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The most difficult part is still to be done.

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I appreciate your trying to protect me.

Where does this self-confidence come from?

The soldiers were animated by the song.

Kenn knows just how you feel.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

I know it for sure.

It was a difficult game.

Harris made a sandwich.

The magnets, of course, have a magnetic field around them.

You might have prevented the accident if you hadn't been so inattentive.

He pledged to marry me when he returned home.

Roxie rolled out of bed at 6:30, shuffled into the kitchen and put two slices of bread into the toaster.

Should we call it a night?

Maja Keuc is a good singer.

Vern won't be home for lunch.

Dale paid me.

Sanford had no idea what Sjouke and John were talking about.

Eugene hangs his clothes, then arranges them by color.

Has Alex finished already?

We'll meet at my house.

I know it means a lot to them.

He's meeting with a Japanese girl.

If you don't want to tell me, that's OK.


Let's take a break for coffee.

I have a callus on the sole of my foot.

How long can a person live without water?


I went to school.


How will he make good the loss?

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We use a lot of water.

He looked up at the ceiling.

Bring him a drink.

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He's charming and irresistible.

I'm unconvinced.

You're egotistical.


He thinks that dinosaurs and humans co-existed.


It doesn't look right.

Discipline is rather mild at this school.

They say that the first inclination which an animal has is to protect itself.

I refuse to answer the question.

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures and I want your opinion on them.

I know you'll like Duane.

Teachers in kindergarten are sometimes referred to as leaders of children.

I didn't see Nathan do that.

We're doomed.


Nora practices the piano every day.

What did that mean?

Make each day your masterpiece.

Kristin took a sandwich out of the bag and started eating it.

A rabbit is running in the garden.

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You've violated our trust.

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the country with the longest life expectancy.

He tried to borrow a large sum of money from them in vain.

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Keith is fresh out of college.

We're not the least bit afraid of being subpar.

He hit on the answer to the problem as he was having lunch.

May I remind you of your promise?

It really suits you.


He hopes that his group succeeds.

Let's cross the street.

Esperanto, with its 130-year history and abundant literature, can be mastered in one tenth of the time required for learning one of the widespread national languages.

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I can't stand so many cars honking their horns at the same time!


I'm not going to go swimming this afternoon.


This is the captain speaking.


What's your favourite pastime?