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    Stable End

    Stable End is a large rural property in Cumbria. At Stable we provide a welcoming home for upto 3 young people.

    Set on it's own 2 acres of land, Stable End specialises in keeping young people safe from exploitation amd reducing risk taking behaviour.


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    Prospect House

    Prospect House is another of our large, rural properties and is home to no more than 4 young people.

    Situated on it's own 3 acres of land, Prospect also provides a welcoming home to Chickens & horses!

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    Therapeutic Care

    We provide Therapeutic Care to all young people through our in-house counsellor.

    All young people have the chance to work with our counsellor during their time with us and have access to various therapy tools such as person centred therapy and Life Story work.

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    Young people placed with us have access to a range of education opportunities. For the young people that cannot access main stream education we offer our own education package, or vocational education such as Asdan.

    We also encourage work based learning to give all young people the best chance in building a future for themselves.

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Action Before Crisis

Action Before Crisis is the meaning of ABC Care. We believe we are the missing piece of the jigsaw. We offer a fresh innovative approach to looking after children in crisis.

ABC Care is a family run provider, and we believe this is evident in everything we do. Our directors are father & son team Chris Kennedy - who both share the same name! We're humbled by the recognition we've recently received by being awarded Tier 1 in virtually every category for the "West Midlands Regional Residential Framework Agreement". This recognises our quality & value for money.

ABC Care have 4 Residential Childrens Care Homes, situated in Lancashire & Cumbria. To maintain the 'family feel', each home can accommodate upto 4 young people upto the age of 17.

Our homes reflect that of a family home where Children & Young People feel safe, relaxed and cared for within a non-institutionalised setting.

Our Mission at ABC Care, is to offer Children & Young People in crisis a family environment where they can feel safe, become settled and relaxed, so we can bring some stability to their lives. Whilst they are with us they will receive understanding, encouragement and support from adults who care and who are trained to work in a professional and non-judgemental way.

We aim to equip all young people with the tools needed to succeed in life. We encourage the young person to feel very much part of the 'family feel' by participating in the daily running of the house and developing relevant semi independent living skills.

We firmly believe in transparency, and make all care plans, regular reports etc available 24/7 to social workers.


  • Carbon Footprint

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    As a family ran company we are always shocked at just how many miles our staff travel for us. So to offset our CO2 emmissions we decided to plant some trees.

    6 per month to be precise. ABC Care offset 6tCO2 through verified carbon reduction projects by planting 6 trees in the North West, UK each month.

  • Local Suppliers

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    Whenever possible we always use local suppliers.

    We have a regular list of local builders, joiners, gardeners, window cleaners etc .

    We try to source fresh fruit & veg locally, as well as milk and eggs.

    If you know we're near by, and you think you have something we might like, then simply let us know!

  • Eco Friendly

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    We want to keep our homes as lovely as possible, so everyone does their bit to keep it clean and tidy.

    To keep our homes clean and tidy we need to use lots of cleaning products. Whenever possible we only use products are effective, natural and produced with the utmost consideration for the environment.

    We don't believe in using chemicals where they aren't needed, especially when there is a good natural alternative.